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1) What is Real Electrolytes?

a. Real Electrolytes is a next generation Electrolyte Blend from Great Naturally that features High Potency doses of premium minerals and Real Food powders to deliver a great tasting drink to keep you well hydrated and bring balance and recovery back to your mineral consumption.

2) What makes Real Electrolytes different?

a. While many hydration powders and drinks offer electrolytes, most rely heavily on low potency blends, mega doses of sodium, inferior minerals, poor taste, and worst of all high carbohydrate and sugar content. Real Electrolytes delivers more than 4x the amount of total electrolytes compared to standard hydration drinks, while delivering better quality, ratios, taste, lower carbs and sugar, and Real Food to keep you hydrated and going for whatever comes next in life.

3) What are the key ingredients in Real Electrolytes?

a. Real Electrolytes delivers 2000mg of Real Food from Coconut Water Powder, Celery Juice Powder, and Cucumber Juice Powder, while guaranteeing potency through Potassium Citrate, Magnesium Glycinate, Calcium Ascorbate, and real salt. We use only natural sweetness from Stevia and Monk Fruit, natural flavors and colors.

4) Why are the Real Food ingredients included in Real Electrolytes?

a. Consuming real food is essential to health. Real Electrolytes is based on 3 food sources that naturally provide health and hydration through high doses of naturally occurring electrolyte minerals (especially potassium).

5) How much Electrolytes do I need every day?

a. The established requirements for Electrolytes is as follows:

     i. Sodium: Less than 2300mg/day

     ii. Potassium: 4700mg/day

     iii. Magnesium: 420mg/day

     iv. Calcium: 1300mg/day

b. Depending on current health and activity levels. These dosages can change.  

6) How much electrolytes does the average person consume?

a. The average person consumes almost 2x the recommended amount of sodium, ½ the recommended amount of potassium and magnesium, and close to the amount of calcium required. This dosage and imbalance is one of the biggest challenges to overcome to regain control of our daily health and hydration. Perhaps even more than water consumption.

7) What is the problem with not getting enough total electrolytes?

a. Electrolytes regulate hydration through fluid balance in the body (both inside and outside of cells), while also regulating nervous system transmission, cardiovascular health, bone density, sleep quality, and muscle performance. If you do not consume enough electrolytes any one of these systems may suffer and dehydration alone can cause dramatic negative health consequences.

8) What is True Balance Technology?

a. Real Electrolytes is formulated using True Balance Technology, which is designed to not only help users reach their total electrolyte needs but also to bring balance back to mineral status. The average person has an imbalance of potassium to sodium by a margin of 1:2. True Balance Technology provides a ratio of 4:1 (800mg:200mg) which helps replenish potassium stores while synergizing with sodium for performance. Together, they bring balance back to both individual and total electrolyte intake.

9) What are the benefits of Real Electrolytes?

a. Real Electrolytes works in a very simple way. By restoring mineral consumption to its proper balance it helps to increase and maintain hydration, pH balance, while also supporting Heart health and Exercise performance.

10) Who can use Real Electrolytes?

a. Real Electrolytes is perfect for anybody who is looking to maintain great hydration and support their health and fitness with a delicious natural, low calorie beverage. Real Electrolytes is perfect for getting your day started, before/during/after exercise, or for relaxing in the evening.

11) What precautions should you take with Real Electrolytes?

a. Those with Kidney Disease need to monitor their sodium and potassium intake, please consult your healthcare practitioner if you have Electrolyte concerns.

b. Certain forms and dosages of potassium that are available can cause hyperkalemia and stomach ulcers. This is typically due to using large doses isolated Potassium Chloride, which is not food form. Real Electrolytes contains the naturally occurring form of Potassium Citrate, and focuses on making sure that it’s balanced with other essential electrolytes to provide excellent potency with balance.

12) Is it true that Potassium isn't allowed in supplements over 99mg?

a. While there are Potassium products that do not exceed 99mg, this dosage is in reference to potassium formulas that utilize Potassium Chloride in tablet form. Potassium Citrate as a general food ingredient is Generally Recognized As Safe (GRAS) in powders and drinks and well tolerated.

13) Does Real Electrolytes cause GI upset or diarrhea?

a. It is true that some electrolyte formulas can cause GI upset through high sugar, sodium, chloride, or magnesium content. Real Electrolytes does not contain high doses of Carbohydrates or sugars, uses non-laxative forms of minerals (Magnesium Glycinate), low chloride food-form Potassium (Citrate), and a reasonable amount of salt from sodium chloride so as to not introduce new problems while trying to fix another. Real Electrolytes is great for those who are:

i. Active Individuals

ii. Low Carb or Keto Dieters (2g total carbohydrates, <1g sugar per scoop)

iii. Vegan and Vegetarian

iv. Anybody looking for great hydration from real food, naturally

14) What is the suggested use for Real Electrolytes?

a. The suggested use is to mix 1 scoop with 12oz of cold water or tea. It can also be used in larger size water bottles while still maintaining great taste. It is best used in the morning to get your day started right, before/during/after exercise to replenish, or in the evening to recover.  Multiple servings can also be consumed; however we do not suggest consuming more than 3 servings a day as it is unnecessary to meet daily electrolyte needs.

15) How many flavors are available?

a. Real Electrolytes comes in 3 great tasting and low sugar flavors: Lemon Lime, Strawberry Lemonade, and Watermelon. Each bottle contains 30 servings.

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